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Urban Education Center in Manhattan Campus Hosts Roundtable with Dr. Vernard Gant


Urban Education Center in Manhattan Campus Hosts Roundtable with Dr. Vernard Gant

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Tuesday May 7, 2013

“[God] has raised up a generation of educators who reflect and represent His heart for His threatened and vulnerable little ones. They are the Davids of education who believe with all their hearts that the Lord can slay the giants that are taunting the children of God. They represent God’s C.A.U.S.E.:






(Vernard T. Gant, Director)


This acronym was the focal point on April 6, 2013, as professors Miriam Velez and Marie White of the Urban Education Center at the Manhattan campus of Nyack College served as host to an Education Roundtable. The event welcomed special speaker Dr. Vernard T. Gant, who serves as Director of Urban School Services of ACSI International as well as consultant to several committees concerned with the plight of the public school education. Among the invited guests were New York City principals, teachers, and administrators along with professionals from the field of counseling and charter school corporations. The afternoon session was reserved for Manhattan Campus School of Education alumni to meet with Dr. Gant and discuss how Christian urban school educators can support each other as people of faith addressing the educational plight of poor and disadvantaged children outside the Christian school setting.


In his presentation, Dr. Gant offered trends, anecdotes, and statistics to vividly illustrate the challenges of working with urban children and youth in public schools and the call of Christian teachers who choose to remain in public education. “These educators realize the transformative power of relationships and endeavor to bring the love of Christ that abides in them to bear upon the lives of the children entrusted to their care. They have at their disposal a specialized curriculum designed by God and modeled by Christ.”


The purpose of the Roundtable was to raise awareness of the need of urban youth and begin a conversation regarding resources available to Christian public school teachers, and to consider how Nyack College can support these efforts. The next steps will be outlined by Dr. Gant as he takes this message to other academic settings and returns to NYC in the summer to launch an initiative by networking with Christian School teachers in public schools supporting their retention.

Featured photograph shows participants in Education Roundtable event.

Photograph of Dr. Gant posted with his permission.

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