Annual Awards Chapel

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Monday April 29, 2013

The School of Education celebrated its annual Awards Chapel on Monday, April 22, 2013 with dozens of eager students and faculty in attendance.


The Chapel began with a time of worship with two students leading us in song, followed by an inspiring message by Dr. Dion Harrigan who preached on the topic, “When God Doesn’t Make Sense.” He shared an anecdote of a dog lover taking his pet to the vet for an endless series of vaccinations. While the dog spent the day whimpering about her discomfort, the owner’s heart response was, “I put her through it because I loved her.” Dr. Harrigan compared this to our Father God’s heart about our wellbeing, illustrated through Jeremiah 29:11: “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”


The remainder of the Chapel was devoted to the faculty’s presentation of awards to students.


Barnabas Award: Outstanding Collaborator in Methods’ Groupwork: For a junior who is consistently a good teammate, punctual, responsible, and encouraging.

Adolescence Education – Alex Ellingwood

Childhood Education – Rosepisey Pich

Early Childhood Education – Chia Lo


Education Dean's List: For teacher candidates whose academic achievement in education is evidenced by a Cum Ed GPA of 3.75-4.0.

Elizabeth Beers                       Jessica Hannon                   Courtney Soucek

Robert Callamari                     Esther Huynh                      Abbey Taylor

Samantha Cialini                     Stephanie Leone                 Jonathan Tice

Renee Curry                           Michelle Makela                   Allie Van Hooker

Eleisha Dickson                       Jacob Manuel                      Paul Van Houten

Seth Ditmer                            Stephanie Mercier               Maria Varano

Alexander Ellingwood               Kari Nehlsen                       Jared Vonderheide

Rachel Fort                             Hannah Plock                      Heather Wakeley

Abigail Frank                           Philip Powell                       Rebekah Williams

Joseph Gessler                        Megan Rohan                     Sarah Yim

Martha Guiza                           Pamela Shafer


Pi Lambda Theta: Pi Lambda Theta is an international honor society and professional association in education. The following sophomores, juniors, and seniors have been nominated for membership by the School of Education based on their pursuit of a career in education and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.

Elizabeth Beers                        Jessica Hannon                       Megan Rohan

Renee Curry                            Esther Huynh                         Shoshana Rosenberg

Eleisha Dickson                        Brianna Kane                         Pamela Shafer

Seth Ditmer                             Emmaline Kempf                    Katherine Shinners

Alexander Ellingwood                Audrey King                          Courtney Soucek

Samantha Foland                      Stephanie Leone                    Samantha Taussig

Rachel Fort                               Darla Lunsford                       Abbey Taylor

Joseph Gessler                          Michelle Makela                      Jonathan Tice

Samantha Glasstetter                Stephanie Mercier                   Allie Van Hooker

Mark Goracy                             Kari Nehlsen                           Paul Van Houten

Martha Guiza                            Hannah Plock                           Jared Vonderheide

Amanda Halter                          Shawnja Pratt                          Heather Wakeley

Rebekah Williams                      Sarah Yim


Outstanding Professionalism in Fieldwork: For the junior who consistently displayed promptness, professional dress, and rapport with the children and cooperating teachers in fieldwork.

Adolescence Education – Seth Ditmer

Childhood Education – Martha Guiza

Early Childhood Education – Lindsay Kane


Educator of Promise: For the junior who demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and dispositions in methods courses for being an excellent educator.

Adolescence Education  – Amanda Halter

TESOL – Kara Enneper

Early Childhood-Childhood Education – Esther Huynh


Design, Delivery, and Creativity in Instruction: For the junior whose lessons and unit plans are well thought-through, interesting, motivating, and presented clearly in class presentations.

Adolescence Education – Amanda Halter

Childhood Education – Courtney Soucek

Early Childhood Education – Hannah Plock


Excellence in Teaching: For the student teachers who address the needs of diverse individuals, demonstrate mastery of pedagogical knowledge (as evidenced by achieving a 3.5 Education GPA), show creativity and innovation in lesson planning and delivery, and receive positive evaluations by college supervisor and cooperating teacher (as evidenced by earning an A in both placements.

Elizabeth Beers                         Michelle Makela

Eleisha Dickson                         Stephanie Mercier

Abigail Frank                             Ian Pena

Samantha Glasstetter                Paul Van Houten

Audrey King                              Heather Wakeley

Stephanie Leone                        Erica Warmelink

Apple Award for Student Teacher of the Year: For the student teacher who most consistently displays overall professionalism, a commitment to excellence, lives a positive Christian witness, demonstrates remarkable teaching capability, and has enthusiasm for the teaching profession.

Heather Wakeley

Heather is pictured above holding her prized Apple Award for Student Teacher of the Year.

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