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Summer 2014 Update on State Certification Tests

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Tuesday July 15, 2014

Summer 2014 Update on State Certification Tests

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is pleased to announce that the preparation guides, along with updated test frameworks and other useful information for test preparation, are now available on the New York State Teacher Certification Examination (NYSTCE) website at for the Content Specialty Tests (CST) listed below.

Anticipated Open Registration Date – August 21, 2014

First Administration Date – September 22, 2014

English Language Arts




Multi-Subject: Teachers of Early Childhood (Birth–Grade 2)***

Multi-Subject: Teachers of Childhood (Grade 1-Grade 6)***


Candidates taking one of the CSTs listed above on or after September 22, 2014, must take the revised CST examination for certification. Registration for the revised CSTs is anticipated to begin on August 21, 2014. The first administration of these more rigorous examinations will begin on September 22, 2014. Candidates should register and prepare for the revised CST examinations with these dates in mind, as the prior versions of these CST’s will no longer be available.


It is advised that you to take the exams before the September version goes into effect, particularly if you are taking the Multi-Subject as an Early Childhood, Childhood, Early Childhood-Childhood, or Childhood Special Education student.  Early Childhood-Childhood students that wait until September 22nd will have to take both the Multi-Subject: Teachers of Early Childhood and the Multi-Subject Teachers of Childhood....whereas the current Multi-Subject test covers both.

***When the revised Multi-Subject tests are implemented, candidates will need to pass each of the three sections of the assessment, (the Math, the English Language Arts and general knowledge sections will be scored separately) to meet the certification requirements.


The following tests do not yet have revised materials out: Social Studies, Students with Disabilities, English to Speakers of Other Languages, Music.


NYC SOE Team Signs on as Board Members with the CAUSE

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Monday May 19, 2014

NYC SOE Team Signs on as Board Members with the CAUSE

Miriam Velez and Marie White, the NYC education team, have signed on as board members with the CAUSE, a group that has been supported by Nyack School of Education in prayer and event hosting for the past two years.

Nyack College NYC campus has held several events for the Christian teacher in the public schools to come together with the CAUSE founder, Dr. Vernard Gant, and NYC school administrators and teachers in the pilot phase before an official launch.

Each meeting has brought Christian educators who are looking for a network for both spiritual and professional support as they serve in the most challenging learning environments.  Our alumni and network of school leaders have already formed relationships that are sustaining their service to the underserved populations of children in the public schools of New York City.

High School Students Visit with Teacher Alyssa Rice-Cruz, Nyack NYC Alumna

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Thursday May 8, 2014

High School Students Visit with Teacher Alyssa Rice-Cruz, Nyack NYC Alumna

In a joint effort with Admissions the NYC School of Education welcomed 15 ninth graders to the Manhattan Campus, and an Educational Psychology Class.  The students were accompanied by their teacher Mrs. Alyssa Rice-Cruz, an Nyack alumna, and Ms. Qadeera Seabrooks, a School of Education student who is placed at Murray Bergtraum as part of Nyack's work study program.

The ninth graders took a tour of the campus and came to the School of Education suite to listen attentively to our educational psychology class share technology driven projects about task analysis. They also shared personal stories about their individual paths at Nyack . The high school students were interested, attentive, and several expressed interest in attending Nyack in the future.

NYC Writing Center Offers ALST Workshop for School of Education Teacher Candidates

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Thursday May 1, 2014

NYC Writing Center Offers ALST Workshop for School of Education Teacher Candidates

The New York State Teacher Certification Exam Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST) is one of several exams that teacher candidates must pass in order to earn initial certification in teaching. In comparison to the former Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST), the ALST requires that students employ more higher-order thinking skills. Among other tasks on the exam, there is a written essay portion where students must compare sides of an argument, correlate them to an accompanying graphic, and write about it in a timed essay.

On the Manhattan campus, Professor Millicent Waterman and the staff of the NYC Writing Center designed a workshop specifically to prepare our School of Education students to prepare for the ALST, one of the new teacher certification examinations.  The students who attended were provided with strategies and analytical tools to glean information from textual material and write an argumentative essay.  In addition, the Writing Center devoted one section of the workshop to interpreting graphs and supporting factual components of the essays with data.

School of Education students working toward teacher certification are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities such as these offered by the Writing Center or workshops scheduled by Nyack College School of Education faculty.

Change to the edTPA requirement

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Wednesday April 30, 2014

The New York State Board of Regents--as of yesterday--has made a short-term allowance for Initial Certification for those who fail the edTPA.  If all other criteria for certification* are met, the person who has submitted and failed the edTPA may then take and pass the old ATS-W exam (instead of edTPA) before June 30, 2015 in order to receive an Initial Certificate.  
Required for Initial Certification May 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015:
  1. Submission of application(s) for certificate(s) and application fee(s) in TEACH
  2. Passing the Academic Literacy Skills Test
  3. Passing the Educating All Students exam
  4. Passing the Content Specialty Test(s) for your subject area(s)
  5. Clearing fingerprint background check
  6. Completing the child abuse identification/prevention and Dignity of All Students Act workshop hours through EDU 247/EDG 547 Health Issues for Educators course
  7. Successfully completing our teacher preparation program with Nyack College's recommendation for certification (no lower than B- in student teaching and Senior Seminar required for recommendation)
  8. Submitting the edTPA from student teaching at  
    • If you pass the edTPA and all of the above, you qualify for your Initial certification
    • If you fail the edTPA but have already completed all of the above, you may then take and pass the Assessment of Teaching Skills--Written (ATS-W) in order to qualify for your Initial certification without an edTPA retake.  You cannot bypass the edTPA by passing the ATS-W, you must first take and fail the edTPA to qualify for the alternative ATS-W.  Remember to take the ATS-W by mid-May 2015 to have a passing score in time for the June deadline.
Required for Initial Certification July 1, 2015 and beyond: 
Above items 1 through 7, plus 8. Pass the edTPA from student teaching at (no ATS-W alternative).

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