The Tuesday Night Colloquium Series

Posted by Richelle.Morgan on Saturday March 16, 2013

Session 3:
Every Idea has Legal, Political and Moral Consequences

Speaker: Mr. Udo Middelmann

Mr. Udo Middelmann, LLM., is the 2013 CSGE International Scholar in Residence. His books include “Pro-Existence,” “The Market-Driven Church,” “The Innocence of God,” and “Christianity versus Religions of Resignation,” and the forthcoming “God and Man at Work: Doing Well and Doing Good in the Bible’s View of Life.”

Responder: Professor Jennifer Kimble

Tuesday, March 19th
5:00pm - 6:00pm 

Nyack College
Manhattan Campus - Haven Auditorium
361 Broadway
New York, NY

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