Praying for our brothers in Honduras.


Praying for our brothers in Honduras.

Posted by Santiago.Rivera on Monday October 1, 2012


Honduras is the country with the highest murder rate in the world. According to a BBC report, in Honduras there is a violent death every 74 minutes (see BBC article at

What are Christians doing about this? The Center for Scholarship & Global Engagement had the privilege of hosting Ms. Jill Van Beek, Director of Operations of the Association for a More Just Society (AJS), a Christian human rights and community development organization serving the Lord in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The presentation took place this Monday, October 1st from 4-5pm at the Presidents Hall (Shuman Hall, first floor).

Ms. Van Beek shared about the holistic work that AJS leads in Honduras and she discussed how Christians in North America can follow God’s call to do justice, specifically in the fight against poverty and the current injustice of the legal, political, and economic systems. (Follow these links for short videos that illustrate AJS work in Honduras: and

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