2012 Faculty Research Competition winners

Posted by Santiago.Rivera on Saturday July 21, 2012

The Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement is pleased to announce
the winners of its 2012 Faculty Research Competition, and extends warm
congratulations to the following faculty members (in alphabetical

- Dr. Gwen Parker-Ames and Ms. Suzanne Toliao:  "Orienting the Map: In
Search of Peace and Social Justice in Christian Colleges."

- Dr. Stephen Bennett: “Images of War and Peace in Ecclesiastes 3”

- Dr. James Danaher: "Skepticism: A Path to the Divine."

- Dr. David Emanuel: "Inter-textual Commentary of the Psalter"

- Dr. Inseon Hwang: "Social Justice in Nursing"

- Prof. Brad McDuffie: "Nothing to Sustain Us but the Counsel of our
Fathers. Ernest Hemingway on the Fiction of Cormac McCarthy"

- Dr. Steven  Notley: “Upon Three Pillars:  The Spiritual Life of
Jesus and the Abrahamic Faiths”

- Dr. James Romaine: "The Three Dimensions of a Complete Artist"

- Dr. Frank Tuzi: "Making web-based Education Equitable for all

- Dr. Stephen Ware: “The Stones of Easter, and Rots and Routes of the
Protestant Reformation”

- Dr. Marie White and Ms. Miriam Velez:  “Case Studies in

- Dr. Wiltshire: "Dr. Craig Ellison's Concept of Shalom applied to
Social Justice and Peace."

The Center wishes to express appreciation to all the applicants that
submitted proposals and encourages all qualifying faculty to apply in
the next academic year.

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