Dr. Poston presents 2 papers

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Wednesday November 2, 2011

Dr. Larry Poston, Chair of the Department of Religion, presented 2 papers at the 2011 Baylor University Institute for Faith and Learning in Waco, TX.

His first paper, “China Rising: How Will the Wisdom of Lao-Tze and Confucius Interface with That of Jesus and Aristotle?” deals with the following issues: 1) Thoughts concerning the direction that influence may be said to be chiefly going at this point in time and in the future: East to West, or West to East, or a combination of the two; 2) The aspects of Chinese Daoist-Confucianist-Buddhist "wisdom" that are and will be the most attractive to Westerners; 3) The means by which this "wisdom" is being and will be disseminated in Western societies; 4) Ways in which Western educators can develop in students "wisdom concerning the various wisdoms" that exist in the modern world; and 5) Criteria for the development of a basis (or bases) according to which one may judge the different kinds of "wisdom" available in the modern world.

In the second paper, Dr. Poston joins Linda Poston, Dean of Library Sciences, in presenting “Of the Making of Books There Might Be an End: Educating for Wisdom in an Internet World.”  This paper addresses the following: 1) What is the prognosis for the future of such emphases in societies that are increasingly characterized by graphics-based media as opposed to text-based literacy? 2) What, if anything, is lost in a media-based literacy? 3) How are critical thinking and cognitive processes-both of which are encouraged by the Bible-affected by a digital environment? 4) How are credibility and authority maintained when the playing fields of knowledge and wisdom are leveled for both novice and expert? 5) And in an increasingly graphics-based culture, will the purveyors of Christianity be able to maintain the richness of their past literary emphases and, if so, how might this be done?

For more information: http://www.baylor.edu/ifl/index.php?id=80288

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