Dr. Balmaceda addresses peacemakers

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Tuesday October 4, 2011

Dr. Balmaceda participated in the Annual Peacemakers Conference in Orlando, FLorida on September 21-25. She lead two workshop sessions on the following topics:

1. A Justice that Heals

Can hatred be replaced by understanding, empathy and forgiveness? What processes can facilitate such a transformation?

In this workshop Dr. Balmaceda examined the role of restorative circles in dealing with conflict. In light of the many Scripture passages that demand those who have caused harm to take responsibility for their actions (and/or omissions), restorative circles provide an opportunity for a facilitated conversation that is honest and intense, with an emphasis in uncovering the root of the problem, admitting the wrongdoing, seeking forgiveness and identifying the steps necessary to repair the harm, in order to rebuild lives, relationships and communities. By observing the potential and limitations of the restorative approach, the workshop leader and the participants considered how justice and forgiveness can promote genuine accountability and transform severe conflict into cooperation and healing.

2. The Role of Justice in Peacemaking, with Chip Zimmer, Vice-President for Global Ministries.

Justice is one of God's defining characteristics and, as Christians, we are called to pursue justice. What is justice and how do we understand it in the context of peacemaking? This workshop explored these questions analyzing the different aspects of the concept of justice as an integral part of shalom, with the purpose of integrating a biblical understanding of justice into peacemakers' work.

Conference Program: http://www.peacemakerconference.net/workshops/

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