Dr. Ginés-Rivera appointed

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Tuesday July 19, 2011

Dr. Antoinette Ginés-Rivera named Assistant Professor and Director of Internship & Field Placement for AGSC.  Dr. Ginés-Rivera received her degree in Bilingual School Psychology from Fordham University and Ph.D. in Counseling Education & Supervision from Regent University. She was employed by a New York school district for nine years, where she specialized in counseling undocumented Latin American students.  Her counseling specializations include migration, family reunification, acculturation, and assimilation entering the United States as well as the psychopathology of the sexually abused and victimized individual.  She has also taught for Nyack College as Adjunct Lecturer.  Dr. Ginés-Rivera has been selected by American Counseling Association and the Journal of Counselor Development to contribute a chapter in a book representing the counseling practices of 41 countries around the world. Her doctoral research led her to Honduras where she investigated the counseling needs of the Honduran population for the development of a Spanish counseling training program specific to the Honduran population which is currently being developed.  She recently joined Orphan Helpers, a Christian organization that mentors and cares for the orphans, abused, abandoned children, and the juvenile incarcerated of Honduras.

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