Dr. James Romaine publishes essay in L’Abarte

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Friday June 3, 2011

Dr. James Romaine, Chair of the Department of Art History, publishes essay entitled “The Legacy of Hans Rookmaaker: ‘So What?’” in L’Abarte, a Portugueselanguage, Brazilian web journal dedicated to issues of Christianity and culture.

The essay proposes that Hans Rookmaaker’s contribution to the field of art history was his insistence art has meaningful content. While other art historians were concerned with issues of style and symbolism, Rookmaaker asked the provocative question “So, What?”  What is spiritually at stake in art?  A friend of Francis Schaeffer, Rookmaaker was influential on how many American evangelicals approach the visual arts.

To view article: http://ultimato.com.br/sites/labrarte/2011/05/16/o-legado-de-hans-rookmaaker-e-dai/

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