Christine Warrington presents paper at the Southeast Conference on Christianity and Literature

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Sunday April 24, 2011

Christine Warrington, Instructor of English, presented at the Southeast Conference on Christianity and Literature.  The paper is entitled, “The Mystery of Faith: Belief, Doubt and Revelation in Shyamalan’s Signs.”  Warrington critically examines the movie, Signs, which has been touted as a modern day science fiction film, yet the themes of faith, doubt, and revelation are also addressed, though cloaked in modern fantasy.  It is a modern day crisis of faith, in which the main character must cope with his own dark night of the soul in order to understand God’s revelation and restore his faith.  It addresses the loss of faith in lieu of personal tragedy, yet through an understanding of revelation, the main character realizes that even in the midst of unforeseen chaos, God is ultimately in control. His presence is always there, if only we can read His Signs.

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