Dr. Elaine Lux publishes essays in American and French journals

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Friday April 15, 2011

Dr. Elaine Lux, Professor of English, publishes essay entitled “Holistic Spirituality in Gail Godwin’s Life and Fiction: Father Melancholy’s Daughter, The Good Husband, and Evensongin Revue Electronique D’Etudes Sur Le Monde Anglophone.

Gail Godwin is an American born novelist whose writings often reflected on female spirituality. Drawing principally upon Godwin’s fiction and words about her writing and spiritual life, this article focuses on the thoughtful, holistic way Godwin deals with feminine and universal aspects of the female spiritual journey; it interweaves discussion of Godwin’s own spirituality with that of the two protagonists in her seminal novels of spiritual-emphasis: Margaret Gower (Bonner), from Father Melancholy’s Daughter and Evensong, and Magda Danvers, from The Good Husband.

To read the article : http://erea.revues.org/1579#tocto1n6

Dr. Lux also recently co-authored “The View from Rensselaerville: Going to the Keep-Mills Residency 2010” in All About Mentoring: A Publication of SUNY Empire State College.

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