Bradley McDuffie co-edits and contributes poem to From Penn's Store to the World: An Anthology of Poems

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Thursday March 24, 2011

Bradley McDuffie, Instructor of English, co-edits and contributes poem to From Penn’s Store to the World: An Anthology of Poems.  McDuffies personal contribution is entitled, “Sometimes the Blues is Just a Sparrow’s Song.”  According to the Des Hymnagistes Press blogspot,

“In the spring of 2010 a great flood inundated Penn’s Store, which is located near Gravel Switch, Kentucky….This store is a historic landmark, said to be America’s oldest country store run by the same family - since at least the 1840s. The Penn family that still runs the store is related to the great Kentucky writer, Robert Penn Warren. It has since become a place for poetry and song gatherings, and for over a decade the location of the annual Kentucky Writers Day celebration every April. This is an important landmark of Song and Story, Ballad and Poetry, in a numinous place redolent with a sense of the past.”

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