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John H. Armstrong lauds Dr. James P. Danaher's "Eyes That See, Ears That Hear"

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Friday February 18, 2011

John H. Armstrong lauds Dr. James P. Danaher's Eyes That See, Ears That Hear: Perceiving Jesus in a Postmodern Context (Liguori, 2006). 

Armstrong writes, "If you have listened to various arguments about postmodernism and faith and are confused then please read Danaher. If you are a student, or a 20 or 30-something who wonders if you can remain a Christian based upon how you were taught to perceive the world, then read Danaher. If you are an older guy like me and just want to get this whole debate about postmodernism and Christianity clear in your mind and heart then read Danaher. Honestly, everyone who ever uses this term postmodernism ought to read this book."

Dr. Danaher is Professor of Philosophy at Nyack College.

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