A&S Faculty at 2010 Nyack Scholars Symposium

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Saturday October 9, 2010

Nyack Scholars Symposium

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The College of Arts and Sciences was well-represented at this year’s 2010 Nyack Scholars Symposium at the Rockland Campus.

Dr. Vilma Balmaceda (Political Science): What makes a human rights agency effective? The case of the Human Rights Ombudsman in Ecuador and Peru

Dr. James Danaher (Philosophy): Contemplative Prayer: A Theology for the 21st Century

Dr. Stephen Maret (Psychology): Frank Lake’s Mutual Caring: His Final Work

Dr. Lyndell O’Hara (History): Prosperity and Piety in a ‘Respectable Resort’: The Enterprising Women of Ocean Grove NJ, 1870 – 1900

Dr. Larry Poston with Elizabeth Rigotti (Religion): Christian Fiction: Innovative Contextualization or Trojan Horse for Heresy?

Dr. Brad McDuffie (English): The Search for God is Absurd? Phillip K. Dick, Dispensational Theology in Richard Kelly’s Parable of The End Times, “Donnie Darko”

Dr. Fernando Arzola Jr. (Associate Dean), Dr. James Danaher (Philosophy) and Dr. Vilma Balmaceda (Political Science): Served as Responders to Plenary Speaker: Dr. Martin Palouš, United Nations Ambassador to the Czech Republic

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