Dr. Danaher publishes article on conceptual understanding of faith


Dr. Danaher publishes article on conceptual understanding of faith

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Thursday November 26, 2015

Dr. James Danaher, Professor of Philosophy, publishes "A Second Innocence,” in Oneing: An Alternative Orthodoxy, a bi-annual literary journal of the Rohr Institute.

About is essay, Dr. Danaher explains,

“In the innocence of childhood we were taught how to conceptualize the world through language acquisition and acculturation. We offered little resistance and came to see the world as we were taught to see it. Jesus, however, sees a very different world and wants us to see it as well, but in order to do that we need to enter a second innocence in which Jesus alone instructs us concerning his divine perspective. What so often keeps us from that second innocence is the belief that we already have Jesus’ perspective because we were raised in a Christian culture; that is, we imagine that we already have Jesus' conceptual understanding of things like faith, righteousness, justice, love, sin, and law. If we seriously consider the things that Jesus says, however, it should be obvious that Jesus’ conceptual understanding is radically different from our own no matter how ‘Christian’ we consider our culture to be.”

Dr. Danaher completed his Ph.D., M.Phil from City University of New York, M.A. New School, M.A. Montclair State University and B.A. Ramapo College. He also received the 2011 Arts and Sciences Scholar of the Year.

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