Dr. Danaher participates in Ecumenical Conversation

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Wednesday September 16, 2015

Dr. James Danaher, Professor of Philosophy, recently took part in a four day conference in Chicago between Evangelical and Catholic ecumenists entitled “ACT 3 Network: Catholic-Evangelical Conversation. Pope Francis sent a personal greeting to the group and gifts for each member. In the Pope’s letter he encouraged the group to work toward evangelism. He said,

“Today the blood of the many Christians slaughtered in diverse parts of the world cries out to heaven. The one that persecutes does not make a mistake, he doesn’t ask if they are Catholic, Evangelical or Orthodox…they are Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, ansd that is enough. This blood challenges us: Do we have the right to make our divisions a priority while the blood of our brothers is shed for the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

For more information on the conference:


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