Communications graduate tackles social issues through illustrations

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Friday September 4, 2015

Communications major, cartoonist and comic artist Jeremy Fuscaldo (Class of 2015), adapted an essay, written by Yiren Lu, into a comic published in World War 3 Illustrated: Radical Comix from the Heart of the City. World War 3 Illustrated is a semi-annual comic and graphics magazine “that treats comics as a medium for serious social commentary and journalism.” Fuscaldo’s work was published in July 2015, issue 46, “Youth & Climate Change."

About this particular piece, Fuscaldo explains,

I was inspired by the events surrounding the climate change debate-- including last November's Climate Change Discussion debate when I was a student at Nyack, and through the scientific findings on climate change.

When I had discovered Yiren Lu's essay-- I was amazed by her passionate concern, embodied in her writing, for the environment. Once the artist/writer call for WW3 Illustrated was announced, I had asked Yiren if I could adapt her essay into a fully realized comic-- of course, she said yes.

When adapting her essay into a visual comic, my goal was to stay true her voice: thereby, communicating that the cause of climate change had been the result of human activity over the years (without villainizing one particular group).

For more information on World War 3:!-issue-46/cry8

To see more work from Jeremy:

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