Dr. Yu awarded Yale Research Fellowship

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Wednesday August 12, 2015

Dr. K. Kale Yu, Assistant Professor of History, received Yale Divinity School's The David M. Stowe Fund for Mission Research for 2015. This research fellowship supports visiting scholars in their missions-related research at Yale Divinity Library


Dr. Yu’s project considers the relationship between the work of women missionaries affiliated with the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society (WFMS) and nation-building in late nineteenth and early twentieth century, especially as revealed in their focus on collective transformation of Korean society and whose narratives define the Christian identity in gender roles and construction.”

What have to discovered so far?

"The more research, the more the complex the narrative becomes. You go in thinking one way but you uncover additional factors and people at work in the formation of historical developments. For example, as WFMS missionaries critically engaged conventional representations of gender in Korean society, they resisted dominant cultural discourses and attempted to negotiate a vision of a new Christian woman that would become the cornerstone of Korean society and nation.”

What developed your interest in the historical study of missions? 

"The inter-cultural contact and communication which is central to missions fascinates me. Over and over again in the study of missions, what we often think is being communicated is interpreted through the native peoples' own understanding and culture."

Dr. Yu completed his Ph.D. from Columbia University, M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, and B.A. from Clark University. He also received the 2015 Arts & Sciences Special recognition for his scholarship during the 2014-2015 academic year.

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