Dr. James Romaine publishes review of the exhibition Flaming June.


Dr. James Romaine publishes review of the exhibition Flaming June.

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Tuesday August 11, 2015

A review of the exhibition Flaming June, by Dr. James Romaine, Associate Professor of Art History, is published on The Curator. The Curator is a web-based journal devoted to contemporary culture. The exhibition Flaming June is on view at the Frick Collection through September 6.

Describing his interest in Flaming June, Dr. Romaine states,

“This painting challenged all the presuppositions that I had brought to looking at it. Like many art historians trained in 20th century art, emphasizing aesthetic and social issues in art, I was generally dismissive of Victorian art as being overly sentimental (apologies to all lovers of Victorian art). When I saw Frederic Leighton’sFlaming June, I was impressed by the power that the image had over me. Although it is not written in these terms, the review of Flaming June, was my way of examining how this painting worked and why it mesmerized me. Great paintings are gentle teachers (a model for us as educators) who patiently wait for the viewer to come around."

Dr. Romaine has published 5 books, including Art as Spiritual Perception.

His current research interest is in visual theology in the art of Vincent van Gogh.

He received his Ph.D. from The City University of New York, M.A. from University of South Carolina, and  B.A. Wheaton College.

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