Dr. Kaluka publishes paper in BBA Bioenergetics

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Tuesday August 4, 2015

Dr. Daniel Kaluka, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, recently collaborated with colleagues from the University of Illinois and Albert Einstein College of Medicine on a published article in the journal BBA Bioenergetics. The article is entitled “The two transmembrane helices of CcoP are sufficient for assembly of the cbb3-type heme-copper oxygen reductase from Vibrio cholera.”

“I am grateful for the privilege of working with some of the world’s renowned scientists in the biophysics field. I would like to acknowledge my mentors, Dr. Denis Rousseau and Dr. Syun-Ru Yeh, for whom I have a tremendous respect. I look forward to continued collaboration as we develop a research program for our students at Nyack College.”

The manuscript took about 9 months from initial writing to publication as it engaged a great deal of iterative writing among the authors.

How does this impact Dr. Kaluka’s teaching at Nyack? “This paper is published at a time when we are preparing for collaborative research involving our Biology majors following the successful complete gene sequencing and annotation of a Nyack-Student-discovered microbacteriophage. Though the findings in this paper do not directly apply to our student research, the scientific process involved in this work is invaluable to our students as they embark on exploratory research.”

Dr. Kaluka earned his Ph.D from Marquette University and B.S. from Univerisity of Zimbabwe. He also received the 2015 Arts and Sciences Emerging Scholar of the Year.

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