Dr. Yu presents at Yale and American Society of Missiology


Dr. Yu presents at Yale and American Society of Missiology

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Friday July 3, 2015

Dr. K. Kale Yu, Assistant Professor of History, presented papers at two distinguished academic gatherings.

He delivered "Augmented Native Religions: Confucianism and Protestant Christianity in Late Nineteenth Century Korea” at Yale-Edinburgh mission conference at Yale Divinity School.

“My experience at Yale Divinity School was inspiring and global. A missionary from Zambia flew over 24 hours to attend this conference. I engaged with scholars from Myanmar, Vietnam, and India as well as colleagues in the U.S.”

Dr. Yu also delivered, "Creating Readers and Breaking Barriers: Literacy as Essential for Conversion in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Korea” was delivered at the American Society of Missiology annual meeting at Wheaton College (Chicago). The ASM is the ecumenical professional association for mission studies in North America.

About the conference, he states, “It was encouraging to meet so many professors from around the country who focused on the importance of missions. The Association continues to grow and serve the missions community.”

Dr. Yu completed his Ph.D. from Columbia University, M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, and B.A. from Clark University. He also received the 2015 Arts & Sciences Special recognition for his scholarship during the 2014-2015 academic year.

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