Philosophy & Religious Studies Major Approved


Philosophy & Religious Studies Major Approved

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Tuesday June 2, 2015

We are happy to announce that the New York State Education Department has approved the BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies!

The BA Philosophy and Religious Studies major will explore fundamental questions of human existence and contemporary global issues from both philosophical and religious perspectives. This will consist of 5 required courses (15 credits), plus 5 courses in a philosophy concentration, religious studies concentration, or no concentration option (15 credits).

Students in the BA Philosophy and Religious Studies major will also be required to take Introduction to Philosophy in the liberal arts core. With the approval of the BA Philosophy and Religious Studies, Nyack will discontinue the individual BA Philosophy program and BA Religion program. This new major will begin Fall 2015.

Philosophy and Religious Studies Major (30 credits)

PHI 101                      Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits – Liberal arts core course)


Foundation Courses (15 credits – Required)

(3) PHI 202               Logic

(3) REL/SOC 310       The Psychology and Sociology of Religion

(3) REL/PHI 314        World Religions

(3) PHI 346               Ethics

(3) REL/PHI 441        Philosophy of Religion


Philosophy Concentration (15 credits)

(3) PHI 3xx                 Ancient Philosophy

(3) PHI 3xx                 Modern Philosophy

(3) PHI 327/367          Mysticism OR Christian Existentialism

(3) PHI 431/432          Contemporary Analytic Philosophy OR Contemporary Continental Philosophy

(3) PHI 470                 Philosophy Senior Capstone


Religious Studies Concentration (15 credits)

(3) REL 432                Christianity and World Religions in Dialogue

(3) REL 342                History of Christianity

(3) REL 442/448         South Asian Religions OR East Asian Religions

(3) REL 445/446         Islam OR Judaism

(3) REL 470                Religion Senior Capstone


No Concentration (15 credits)

If no concentration is declared, any 4 more PHI or REL courses, plus 1 PHI/REL 470 capstone, completes the major requirements.

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