Social Work partners with alternative-to-incarceration youth program

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Monday March 3, 2014

The Nyack College Department of Social Work has partnered with Community Connections for Youth, a New York City based nonprofit organization, whose mission is to mobilize indigenous faith and neighborhood organizations to develop evidence-based, community-led alternative-to-incarceration programs for youth. Rev. Rubén Austria is the founding Executive Director. Dr. Mayra Lopez Humphreys, Assistant Professor of Social Work, is coordinating the partnership. She also serves as Chair and President of the CCFY Board of Directors.

Some of the partnership practices this semester include:

1. Sharing spaces: Weekly classes will take place at both Nyack College and CCFY.

2. Students conduct an Organizational Assessment, Community Assessment and Change Project that will include the identification of a service delivery problem at CCFY and research-based/community informed recommendations for improvement of CCFY services with the community of-system-involved youth & families in the South Bronx.

3. The assessments provide students with an opportunity to visit to Department of Probation, where students will conduct interviews with South Bronx residents who are also parents of system-involved youth. 

4. CCFY employees, court-involved youth and their families will also attend the Community Practice course at the Nyack College campus. They will participate in course projects by contributing their insights about improvements & recommendations needed in juvenile justice system.

5. Senior social work students who are committed to implementing the Change Project will be offered a summer internship at CCFY, this internship will provide students with an opportunity to implement the change project in partnership with CCFY clients and employees.

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For information on the partnership, contact Dr. Mayra Lopez Humphreys:

For more information on Community Connections for Youth:

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