Global Literature class visits Holocaust Museum

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Wednesday November 13, 2013

Reading and studying such probing works as Douglass’s Narrative,  Aidoo’s Dilemma of a Ghost, and Delbo’s None of Us Will Return, students in Dr. Jonathan Gates’ Fall Global Literature II class were privileged to visit the Holocaust Museum and Study Center in nearby Spring Valley, NY recently. Dr. Gates is Chair of the Department of Language, Literature, and Writing.

The program included Center educators using role-play, a special listening experience entitled “The Hiding,” a guided tour of artifacts, maps, and memorabilia in the museum’s collection, and a presentation by Holocaust survivor Hanna Weschler.  Aware that she is one of the few living survivors who experienced the horrors of the Holocaust – at the age of six Hannah was imprisoned in Auschwitz with her mother, Mrs. Wechsler tells her story to children and adults as a means for personal healing and to charge the next generations with the responsibility to challenge anyone who would deny the Holocaust.

Nyack students left the intense afternoon encounter with a renewed sense of responsibility and a greater understanding of the themes that they have been studying in Global Literature.

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