Dr. Arzola lectures on faith in society

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Friday September 20, 2013

Dr. Fernando Arzola Jr., Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, will lecture on "The Relevance of Faith in Society" this Tuesday, September 24 at 5pm.

This talk, which will be held at the Manhattan Campus on the 22nd floor venue, is part of the Faith & Society Colloquium Series jointly sponsored by the Center for Scholarship & Global Engagement, the NYC Office of Student Development, and the College of Arts & Sciences.

"Is culture good or bad? Should Christians embrace it or reject it? And how do one’s cultural assumptions color a Christian’s perspective of theological and social engagement? 
Using H. Richard Niebuhr’s classic text, Christ and Culture, Dr. Arzola will examine Niebuhr’s typology regarding the historical Christian response to culture and use it as a foundation for an engaged-dialogue with the audience in order to 1) explore the breadth of cultural perspectives and presuppositions and 2) to consider (or reconsider) how one might engage faith with society."

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