Dr. Yu studies impact of Basketball star Jeremy Lin

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Tuesday August 13, 2013

At the 75th Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion held in New York City, Dr. K. Kale Yu, Assistant Professor of History, presented a paper titled "Outside of Evangelical Mainstream: The Rise of Jeremy Lin and the Globalization of Asian American Evangelicalism." 
Dr. Yu's paper examined the meteoric rise of Jeremy Lin during the 2011-2012 NBA season and how "Linsanity" revealed how the first Asian American basketball hero on a national scale has played a key role in defying conventional representations of Asian Americans, and how Lin exerted moral agency as an Asian American Christian. 
What is striking about Linsanity is the extent to which his Christian faith has entered our discourse surrounding Jeremy Lin and examining Lin is a crucial pathway to understanding not only his extraordinary journey but also the ways in which Asian American Christianity informs his self-representation and self-awareness as God’s agency in professional basketball, a platform that is broadcast globally, especially in Asia. By crediting his family and ethnic background, Lin also aided in highlighting the imagined community of Asian Americans and Asian American Christians who were united in their support of his professional breakthrough.
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