Dr. Poston and Dean Poston present at Kent State

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Wednesday June 26, 2013

Dr. Larry Poston, Professor of Religion, and Linda Poston, Dean of Library Services, presented “The Kahal, Zawiya, and Monastic Multiplexes: Informational Centripetalism as Medieval Mission” at the Annual Conference of the Center for the Study of Information and Religion

The missiological strategies developed in the Middle Ages by the adherents of Judaism, Islam and Christianity were centripetal in approach, drawing persons in each case inward to a central structure. Jews, Muslims and Christians constructed multiplex institutions as outposts for the spread and/or maintenance of their respective beliefs and practices. Included in nearly all of these were collections of religious documents in libraries. This paper examined the origins and histories of these institutions  will be explored with particular attention to the role of the document collections in each.

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