English faculty dedicate poem at NYC baccalaureate

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Thursday May 9, 2013

Congratulations, Graduate

Creativity, work, thought, and perseverance,

Opening your heart, mind, and soul,

Now bear fruit --

Graduate, dear and beloved, we are proud of you.

Reap the joy of your accomplishments

As you prepare to enter a new phase of life.

This is an end and a beginning --

Undulations of the changing tide of your time may

Leave you breathless, prayerful, grateful – even bewildered.

All the same, this is a good time:

Transition. This is a springtime for you

In many ways. The trees of your life lightly greening

Only to show forth depth of color as summer sets in.

Now as you flow and grow into full bloom, may you

Spring forth with hope and joy into your fullness of purpose in Christ.



With love,

Dr. Elaine Lux, Professor of English

Christine Warrington, Lecturer in English

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