Honors program explores history and culture of Boston, MA

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Monday February 25, 2013


Early each Spring semester, Nyack Honors Program students and faculty investigate the history and culture of a Northeastern city during an extended weekend retreat.  This year the group explored one of our country’s oldest cities: Boston, Massachusetts.

Pursuing the theme “Grasping the Hand of the Creator,” Honors students visited historic landmarks, including The USS Constitution, Paul Revere’s house, The Old North Church, and numerous monuments erected over the last 200 years.  While learning from guided tours at some sites and one-on-one conversations at others, honors members read aloud and discussed numerous original documents associated with the respective sites.  On the Common at Saint-Gaudens’ bas-relief commemorating Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Regiment – the first African American Regiment raised in the north during the Civil War – we pondered native Bostonian Robert Lowell’s poem “For the Union Dead.” With a renewed sense of urgency, we read The Declaration of Independence in front of the Old Statehouse, the site of the document’s first public reading  in Boston, and in front of Benjamin Franklin’s statue, a Boston original, we read Franklin’s humorous satire on Harvard students in the mid-1700’s who cared more about appearing learned than pursuing understanding. 

Throughout our walks, we contemplated the role of public works of art, the intersection of creative expression and historical events, and the work of God in men and women pursuing liberty.  Along the way, we strengthened our friendships, deepened our appreciation for the human struggle, and gave thanks to God for liberty in Christ.  

The Nyack Honors Program, directed by Dr. Jonatahan Gates, invites gifted high school juniors and seniors who desire to pursue a rigorous integrated course of study and delight in knowing God and His world more deeply  to contact Nyack College Admissions to learn more.

For more information about the Honors program: http://nyack.edu/content/HonorsProgram

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