Prof. Hirschlein delivers invocation

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Tuesday January 22, 2013


Prof. Denise Hirschlein, Chair of the Department of Psychology (NYC), delivers invocation at Faculty Assembly on Friday, January 18, 2013.

Benevolent God, as we come together today to launch our spring semester, we long for You to be revealed to us in the midst of our assembly. We look back and draw strength from your faithful provision for all our needs and thus, we eagerly anticipate Your continued sustenance for us. We present our whole selves to You…bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits; humbly acknowledging our spiritual frailties and penchants to wander from You, our first love…in our thoughts and in our actions…in our homes and in our workplace. In our hearts and minds we have conceived our plans, but we come to you to determine our steps. In this meeting, we submit our opinions, yearnings, sentiments, words, and plans to you.

Compassionate Father, help us open our hearts and minds to receive the radiance of your understanding. We say an authentic, "Yes!" to your ways regarding our policies, procedures, and proposals. We ask for Your direction and Your wisdom. May we speak with grace-filled words as we engage in meaningful conversations.

Merciful Jesus, we embrace your prayer for us, that we would be one as you and the Father are one. We say a lively "Yes!" to embodying You and the Father, so that the world will see us and believe that You are in us and that we are in You. Empower us to grow closer by cultivating shalom amongst us.

Wise and Holy Spirit, we desire that our primary accomplishments here today are to glorify You, to pursue truth, and to serve one another. As we set out to make decisions that impact not only our faculty and students, but all who observe Nyack College,  we say a resounding "Yes!" to having You search us and reveal to us those motives hidden even from ourselves and bring truth into our inmost places.

Undergird our academic pursuits with excellence, tempered with grace and humility. Nurture within us a global perspective tempered with care and compassion. Bestow on us a heart for diversity. Spiritually transform us through the integration of Christian faith and critical thinking. In all our endeavors, further prepare us to serve as agents of healing and reconciliation to a broken world. We long to hear: “Well done, good and faithful servants.”

This spring, may we brothers and sisters embody faith, hope, and love.

And when all is said and done, let the banner over us be LOVE!

We boldly ask these things because of our confidence in Your love for us, Amen.

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