Men of Letters Spring 2013 Lecture Series

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Wednesday January 9, 2013


February 14
"Reason: Slave of the Emotions"
Prof. Alfredo Cid, Ph.D.(c), Lecturer of Philosophy

Traditional western ethics has, for the most part, proposed that “reason” is the main cause of our moral action. Prof. Cid will examine David Hume’s sentimentalist moral theory, rejecting this 2,500 years old notion, which suggests that our moral behavior is based on our emotions, and not on reason alone.

March 21
"Leadership Lessons during Hurricane Sandy: A Conversation with Dr. David Jennings"
Dr. David Jennings, Executive Vice President of Nyack College

The New York metropolitan region was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Nyack College was not immune to the damage. The Battery Park building was flooded, ATS/AGSC held classes with the undergraduate students, the Rockland campus lost electricity with many students living in the dorms, and the entire institution was closed for one week. Yet, the school continues to function well. Overseeing this entire operation is Dr. Jennings will join us for a conversation about leadership lessons he utilized and learned during this time of crisis.

April 18
"Spider-goat and Spider-man: A case study of biotechnology"
Dr. Wenbo Yan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology

Spider-goat is a transgenic goat that produces and secrets spider silk protein in its milk. Dr. Yan will use the making of spider-goat as a case study to explain the fundamentals of science behind biotechnology. The multifaceted impacts of biotechnology such as spider-goat on human society will also be discussed.
The Tuskegee Airmen
Andrew J. Woodstock
American, 2012
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