Dr. Lux honored by Men of Letters


Dr. Lux honored by Men of Letters

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Friday May 18, 2012

In recognition of her dedication to teaching, mentoring, scholarship, and contribution of time and talents to Nyack College students, Dr. Elaine Lux, Professor of English, was awarded the Men of Letters 2012 Professor of the Year.

Mr. Kyle Swann was also awarded the Men of Letters 2012 Man of the Year, in recognition of his leadership, commitment to the membership, 3.9 GPA, selection as valedictorian, and contribution of time and talents to the Nyack College community.

The winners were selected by the Men of Letters members who recognize Dr. Lux and Mr. Swann as embodying the organizations' core values of Brotherhood, Scholarship & Ethics.

Also present at the dinner were previous/upcoming speakers and supporters: Dr. James Danaher (Philosophy), Rev. Charles Hammond (Student Life), Prof. Denise Hirschlein (Psychology), Dr. Stephen Maret (Psychology), Prof. Darlene Pinkerton (Communications), and Dr. Kevin Pinkham (English). 

Prof. Hirshlein served as keynote speaker inspiring the membership on the topic, "Critical Thinking and the Masculine Journey."

Dr. Lux shared thoughts, scripture and two poems/devotionals.  She also dedicated the following acrostic to the membership:

Men of Letters

May this mind be in you,
Enriching and enlivening you
Now and evermore,

Of Christ, the author and
Finisher of your faith.

Live awake to the moment...
Every day. Face what hurts, not getting locked in it,
Taking time to breathe in and out gratitude,
Time to replenish your life, love,
Energy, and joy.
Recognize eternity in the moment;
Savor your savior who has set you free to be.


Men of Letters is a student organization for men in the literary society tradition at Nyack College, NYC Campus. Its purpose is to develop the ethical and intellectual excellence of its members and their fellow brothers

For more pictures of the Men of Letters End-of-Year celebration:



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