A&S faculty participate in Scholars Symposium

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Sunday April 8, 2012

Several faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences participated in the Nyack Scholars Symposium New York City on April 4, 2012.

The plenary session featured Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch speaking on "Doing Virtuous Business." Dr. Malloch is a research professor and chair of the Spiritual Enterprise Institute, Center for Faith and Culture at Yale University.

Arts and Sciences faculty participating in the event included:

Vilma Balmaceda, Ph.D., “The Politics of Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Latin America: A Comparative Study on Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay”

Denise Hirschlein, Ph.D.c., Moderator, “Doing Virtuous Business” panel discussion (shown in picture above)

Amy Flavin, M.S., “Understanding Adolescent Development and Psychology”

Kim Huster, Ph.D., “Suspended Between Languages: English as a Second Language in the College Classroom”

Elaine Lux, Ph.D., “Imagining Ethnic Trauma and Healing: Storytelling and Trauma in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated”

Raquel Reynoso, M.A., “The Biological Golden Rule: Eugenics and the Church”

James Romaine, Ph.D., “Art as a Medium of Prophetic Transformation”

For more information: http://nyack.edu/blog/NyackNews/1100

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