2012 Faculty Research Competition Recipients

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Monday March 26, 2012

Five members of the College of Arts and Sciences are awarded the 2012 Faculty Research Competition sponsored by the Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement.  The recipients and their research titles are as follows:

  • Dr. James Danaher, “Skepticism: A Path to the Divine”
  • Prof. Brad McDuffie, “Nothing to Sustain Us but the Counsel of our Fathers. Ernest Hemingway on the Fiction of Cormac McCarthy
  • Dr. James Romaine, “The Three Dimensions of a Complete Artist”
  • Dr. Frank Tuzi, “Making web-based Education Equitable for all Students”
  • Dr. Jack Wiltshire, “Dr. Craig Ellison's Concept of Shalom applied to Social Justice and Peace” (shown in picture above)

Congratulations to these distinguished scholars!

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