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Dr. Yu examines churches during WWI

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Wednesday October 15, 2014

Dr. K. Kale Yu, Assistant Professor of History, participated at a special conference devoted to the 100th anniversary of World War I at Georgian Court University. His paper, "Enemies in the Pews: Targeting 'Unpatriotic' German, Swedish, and Norwegian Immigrant Churches during the First World War" investigates the shifting understanding of who is an "American". Wartime tensions during the First World War created a hostile environment toward "foreigners" at home and this paper examines the persecution faced by German, Swedish, and Norwegian immigrants and their respective churches. 

For more information on the conference:

Dr. Poston reviews book on "The American Muhammed"

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Thursday October 9, 2014

Dr. Larry Poston, Professor of Religion, publishes review on “The American Muhammad: Joseph Smith, Founder of Mormonism” in Missiology: An International Review.

Continuing in the tradition of its predecessor, Practical Anthropology, Missiology is a forum for the exchange of ideas and research between missiologists and others interested in related subjects.

To read the book review:

For more information on journal:

Dr. Parker-Ames publishes research article

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Thursday October 9, 2014

Dr. Gwen Parker Ames, Associate Dean of Student Success in collaboration with a colleague from Montclair State University, has published a research article entitled "Using Culturally Affirming Thematically Appropriate Bibliography to Cope with Trauma" in the Journal of  Child and Adolescent Trauma (published ahead of print October 6, 2014, DOI,:10.1007/s.40653-0028-6).
This article is an outgrowth of a seven year service learning project that engaged first year students within the Division of Student Success  led by Dr. Ames.
Hurricane Katrina created a variety of issues that tested the resilience of families and children who were forced to relocate. This article describes the use of culturally affirming  thematically appropriate bibliotherapy as part of a long term program to assist a group of elementary school age African American children cope with feelings  of anxiety, displacement and loss. This intervention provided a medium through participants could explore issues of isolation and loss of their homes, family structures and a sense of security, while also providing academic and social  supports.

Dr. Kaluka publishes paper in PNAS

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Wednesday October 8, 2014

Dr. Daniel Kaluka, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Illinois and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, has published a research article entitled “Conformational coupling between the active site and residues within the KC-channel of the Vibrio cholerae cbb3-type (C-family) oxygen reductase,” in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS 2014; published ahead of print October 6, 2014, doi:10.1073/pnas.1411676111).

PNAS is one of the world's most-cited and comprehensive multidisciplinary scientific journals, publishing more than 3,800 research papers annually. Established in 1914, PNAS publishes cutting-edge research, science news, Commentaries, Reviews, Perspectives, Colloquium Papers, and actions of the National Academy of Sciences.

The research is focused on characterization of the proton channel of a bacterial reductase enzyme (cbb3) utilizing site-directed mutagenesis, molecular dynamics simulation and resonance Raman spectroscopic techniques. Cbb3, though it exhibits some similarities with the human cytochrome c oxidase (the terminal enzyme in the respiratory chain), it has some notable differences that potentially can be exploited in developing selective drugs. Dr. Kaluka's piece of the pie involved employing resonance Raman Spectroscopy (at Albert Einstein College of Medicine) in deciphering the structural features of the protein linked to the proton channel.

Details of the paper can be found here:

"Forgive Us" Book Event & Panel Discussion

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Tuesday October 7, 2014

Join us at the NYC campus on Thursday, Nov 6th at 5:15pm for a panel dialogue on the book Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith. Co-editors Dr. Soong Chan Rah and Lisa Sharon Harper will be present for this thought provoking discussion. Dr. Vilma Balmaceda, Associate Professor of Political Science, will be one of the responders. This event is co-sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences.

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