Diverse Universe


Diverse Universe

Posted by Kevin.Kriesel on Tuesday May 25, 2010

Intentionally Diverse?

This photo isn't a stock photo we got from some online bank of pictures to show that we're a diverse student group for propaganda's sake - the people in this photo are my friends - they're our students - they ARE Alliance Theological Seminary.

I've sometimes joked that, "We can't take the credit for the diversity here at ATS...it's just who we are." That's true, but you know what, by being mission-ally minded, as AB Simpson was, and by giving students a chance to pursue their seminary education who might not otherwise have that chance, we really are setting up the backdrop quite well for such a diverse group of believers.

When I go to other admissions events and they have pictures up on their displays that I know in my heart are stock photos purchased for the brochure in order to "show diversity," I love that our ATS material just shows US! We're a beautiful group of believers struggling to get the gospel of Jesus out to our many contexts.

I love this place!!!

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