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Nyack College TESOL


What is the Core of TESOL at Nyack College?

What is the Core of TESOL at Nyack College? 
Academically Excellent: 

Students receive a solid background in TESOL through courses such as TESOL Methodology, Intercultural Communication, Grammar and Phonology, Descriptive English Grammar.

Socially Relevant and Globally Engaging: 

Nyack's TESOL students gain experience and awareness of other cultures by  entering those cultures; they take advantage of  teaching opportunities where they can make a difference in the lives of the the students they meet in a real and practical way.

Intentionally Diverse: 

Since Nyack College is in new York, it boasts a highly diverse population and neighborhood.  Students investigate and learn to recognize and satisfy the diverse needs of English  language learners  by experiencing diversity, and asking the right questions.   

Personally Transforming: 

Nyack's TESOL students who study language, teaching and  cultures, come to a new understanding of their own lives. As a result, they  gain a better understanding of themselves and their identity in Christ.

This program is nationally recognized by Teachers of English to speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)