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Global Service-Learning

GS-L Course Descriptions

India - August 2014

NUR 390: Adult Health Alterations
Nursing Students Only 

WINTERIM 2015 (January) 
Burkina Faso 

SOC 328 Women in Society
PMN 421 Developing the Woman’s Gifts and Calling

Faculty for Women in Society: Dr. Carol Awasu 
Faculty for Developing the Woman’s Gifts and Calling: Wanda Walborn, Amy Nehlsen 
Sites: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 
Estimated Cost: $3,000

The GSL trip to Burkina Faso, West Africa – Dorcas House will enable students to see the role of women in society from a different perspective. Our goal is to engage in the transformative educational center of Dorcas House. These women live in community learning a biblical perspective of their self-worth and skills for facing life’s challenges. We will organize a 3-day camp for the young women living at the Center and a one-day women’s retreat for local women. Nyack women will create dances, dramatizations, lessons, songs, volleyball skills, art etc to present during the camp and retreat.

This year Burkina Faso was the 6th poorest country in the world. Only 15% of girls in this sub-Saharan country will go to High School. Dorcas House is a Christian, non-formal educational center for high school aged women who have been marginalized and have not had educational opportunities. Each year 25 young women learn to sew by hand and on a treadle sewing machine. They learn life skills, gardening, volleyball, as well as reading and writing in French. The young women living in community also learn a Biblical perspective of their self-worth and skills for facing life’s challenges. There are now 43 graduates of this 2 year program.
The GSL trip to Burkina Faso will enable students to see the role of women in society from a different perspective. Our goal will be to interview the girls currently enrolled in the program, observe different aspects of daily life, gender roles, natural surroundings, run a 3 day camp for the girls, and run a women’s one day retreat.
Students will have the opportunity to prepare before the trip with relevant research topics. In addition there will be a post trip follow- up with a visit to the Commission on the Status of Women, which will take place at the UN in the spring.

 Dorcas House Flyer (PDF)

Honors Trip – Italy

HUM 260

Instructor: Dr. Jonathan Gates
Sites: Florence, Pompeii, and Rome, Italy
Estimated Cost: $2,600
Honors Students Only
Increased emphasis will be placed on exploring the intersections between what students have been learning in the 4 Honors Humanities Core Courses (Fresh. and Soph. Years) and the historic and recent resources available in Central and Southern Italy. Additionally, the course will invite students to examine the relationships between historic and current expressions of Catholic and Protestant Christianity.


BIB/HIS/ARH 384 Geographical and Historical Settings of the Bible
OT 781.NA Graduate Course Listing for ATS Manhattan

Undergraduate Faculty: Dr. Steven Notley
Graduate Faculty: Dr. Luis Carlo
Sites: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, the Dead Sea 
Estimated Cost: $3,650
Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary invite you to join a unique study course to the Holy Land. This academic program centers upon the lives and ministries of familiar Old Testament and New Testament personalities. With the land as our classroom, with archaeology, history, geography, language and culture as our resources, we will journey back into the religious, political, cultural and geographical environment of prophets, priests and kings. Jesus’ ministry within a complex religious environment is of special interest. Our aim is to better understand the influences and the impact of the biblical record within its various contexts. We anticipate a rich and rewarding program. Our goal is to search the Scriptures, break bread together and fellowship in travel, that we also might proclaim, “Did not our hearts burn within us as He spoke to us on the way?” (Luke 24:32)
Follow this link for more information:


FNA/ART 252 Fine Arts in the City of Venice
ENG 202 Global Literature in the City of Venice

Instructor for Fine Arts: Dr. Dana Talley, Dr. Sue Talley
Instructor for Global Literature: Dr. Kevin Pinkham
Sites: Florence, Feltre, Padova, Siena, Venice
Estimated Cost: $2,850
A description of these courses will be available soon!


BUS 382 Missions Outreach From a Business Perspective

Faculty: Dr. James Muckell, Dr. Gordon Boronow 
Sites: Cancun, Mexico
Estimated Cost: $1300
A description of this course will be available soon!


SWK 377 Poverty & Children in Southeast Asia

Instructor: Dr. Kwi Yun, Dr. David Jennings, Charles Hammond
Sites: Cebu, Philippines
Estimated Cost: $2,550 

For the seventh time, we are pleased to offer this exciting learning opportunity in the Philippines. This Global Service Learning trip will provide students with heartwarming experiences centered around a tutoring center in a small village called Nanka. Here, students can see how people help each other to cope with extreme poverty. Students will also visit social service agencies and mission organizations that deal with the issues of human trafficking, child welfare, poverty, substance abuse, or crime. Before returning to New York, we will stay overnight in Hong Kong, a cosmopolitan center where East meets West.

 Philippines 2015 Flyer (PDF)

The Himalayas 

ICS 400 Peoples and Cultures of the Himalayas
ENG: 201 Global Literature I

Faculty for Peoples and Cultures: Scott Reitz
Faculty for World Civilization: Dr. David Turk
Sites: The Himalayas 
Estimated Cost: $3,000

February 23-March 5 

GCN/CN 780 Counseling for Global Engagement

Instructor: Dr. Elaine Eng 
Sites: Chiangmai, Thailand 
Cost: $3,000
Graduate Students Only
This course will address missionary counseling issues using venues of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, and counseling centers located in Chiangmai, Thailand. Students will have firsthand experience interviewing missionaries throughout Asia as they convene in the CMDA-CMDE conference. They will attend lectures on medical missions and workshops on counseling issues at this conference. Site visits at local Christian counseling centers, such as Cornerstone and the Well, will be done with teaching offered by counselors at these locations. Students will also practice cultural ethnography on field trips in various settings to develop understanding of the Thai people for ministry.