Two New York Locations

ROCKLAND: 845.358.1710
MANHATTAN: 212.625.0500




AGSC Admissions Process

Students applying to the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling may apply as a Degree seeking (matriculated) or Non-Degree (non-matriculated).


Esther Guzman (NYC Campus or Online)
(646) 378-6199

Contact Elizabeth Lee (Rockland Campus)
(845) 770-5702

Psychological Assessments
Alliance Graduate School of Counseling requires the personality profile and complete interpretive reports from the MMPI-2 and MCMI-IV for each student applying. These tests may be taken at a professional service, licensed psychologist, or through a testing service. If taken through AGSC, the price of the testing is $199.00 for a minimum group of 3. 

Upcoming AGSC Assessment Dates

Sat Jul 30 9:00 AM (NYC Campus -2 Washington Street) Sign Up

Computer Literacy Policy

Students in the Graduate programs will use an online environment for a portion of their learning. Technology skills are necessary for successful completion of the program. Applicants to the program should be able to:

• Send and receive email
• Open or send an e-mail attachment
• Conduct research using the Internet
• Use Microsoft Word
• Download files

Students are required to have access to a computer and the Internet.