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Parking at Nyack College

All faculty, staff, and students must register their vehicles with the Facilities Department.  Failure to do so will result in continuous fines.  Students must register for a new Parking Permit at the beginning of every school year.

Please refer to the Nyack College Parking Policies and Procedures Brochure for a complete and detailed listing of regulations, traffic violation fines, fees, and parking lot designations. 

Click here to read Nyack College Parking Policies and Procedures Brochure

A.  Parking Permits
Registration Fees:

Registration fees will be automatically billed to the student’s account. The fee will be billed at the beginning of each semester.  Registration fees are non-refundable, applied to each semester.  The Facilities Department must be notified if a vehicle is removed from campus and the registration is no longer valid.  Failure to notify and return your Parking Permit to the Facilities Department will result in automatic billing of the auto registration fee.  If you no longer have your vehicle on Campus, return your parking permit to avoid being billed.

                                                                                Per Semester    Per Year
Under Grad College Resident Students                                 $100              $200
Under Grad College Commuter Students                              $  50              $100
Graduate Resident Students                                                $100              $200
Graduate Commuter Students                                             $  50              $100
Replacement Resident                                                         $100     
Replacement Commuter                                                      $  50

Faculty and Staff:
  1. Complete the Parking Permit Application. Either:
  2. Send the completed application and copies of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and car insurance to the Facilities Department.  The parking permit will be sent to you by campus mail.
  3. Bring the necessary documents to the Facilities Department office Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Download Faculty/Staff Application


Undergrad Registration:

Please register your vehicle at the Facilities Department between 8:00AM and 4:00PM, Monday through Friday. In order to register, you must present the following valid documents: Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration and proof of car insurance.

Freshman Vehicle Policy (from Student Handbook 2013-2014)

Freshmen at Nyack College, who live in the residence halls are not permitted to have a car (or any other motor vehicle, including motorcycle, moped, etc.) on campus.

Exceptions are made for the following individuals:

Students with medical situations to allow travel for specialized treatment that cannot otherwise be obtained through the College Health Service or local specialists. (These exceptions are made after thorough review on an individual basis and require medical documentation from licensed physicians. The medical need must be that of the student, not of family members.)

This policy does not apply to non-traditional freshmen. Non-traditional freshmen are students who are 21 years of age or older. Freshmen granted a parking permit must park their vehicle in designated lot. Violations of the policy will result in sanctions imposed by campus safety and will result in tickets, fines, and/or suspension of parking privileges during the present and/or future term(s).

Download Undergrad Application

Graduate Registration:

1. Complete the Parking Permit Application.
2. Make copies of your valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of car insurance.
3. Mail through Campus Mail or bring your application and the copies of your valid documents to: CAMPUS SAFETY, c/o Nyack College, 1 South Boulevard, Nyack, NY 10960.

For ATS/AGSC Rockland students, your permit will be sent to your Rockland mailbox.
For Manhattan-based ATS/AGSC students, please pick up your parking permit at the front desk at ATS (Rockland Campus) on the first day that you attend class in Rockland.  If you do not receive the permit within one week of mailing your documents, please contact the Facilities Department at 845-675-4595.

Download Graduate Application

B. Temporary Parking Permit

A Temporary Parking Permit will be issued for special circumstances that arise throughout the school year.  For example, the use of a rental car or family member’s vehicle due to repairs to your regular car.  These permits can be obtained only at the Facilities Department.  The driver must show valid vehicle registration, proof of car insurance, and a valid driver’s license.

C.  Visitor Parking Permits

Individuals visiting the campus must obtain a parking pass for the days they are on campus.  Visitor Parking Permits for visitors of current students can be obtained from the Boon Information Center, ATS Switchboard, and the Facilities Department.  Please provide vehicle registration, proof of car insurance and a valid driver’s license.   Students are not allowed to obtain Visitor Parking Permits.

D.  Handicap Parking Permits

Students having official (State-Issued) handicapped parking permits or special medical needs may apply for a secondary Campus Handicapped parking pass.  To obtain the secondary pass, a signed doctor’s note with a clear description of the problem and the date(s) the pass is needed is required.  This permit can only be obtained at the Facilities Department.

E.  Parking Tickets

Traffic Violation Tickets can only be disputed through the appeals process.  Citations may be appealed in writing on the proper form within seven (7) days from the date of the violation.  If no appeal is made within the given time, the appeal will be automatically denied. 

Forms are available at the Switchboard in Boon Center or the ATS Switchboard. All appeals must be in writing and submitted to the Switchboard in Boon Center or the ATS Switchboard with the ticket attached.  No mailed appeals will be accepted.

The Nyack College Appeals Board adjudicates appeals.  The ruling of this Board is final.  The Facilities Department and Student Financial Services are not authorized and will not at any time, negotiate traffic violation tickets.  The claim that a violator’s copy of a citation was not received will not excuse any fines or other charges.  Fines are automatically billed to the student’s account after the monthly Appeals Board meeting.

Download Traffic Violation Appeal Form

Parking Lot Designations

For a listing of Nyack College Campus Parking Lots, refer to the 2013-2014 Parking Permits Policies and Procedures brochure.